Nurture the emotional wellbeing of children and young people aged 3-16 years with the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums

Our Curriculums

In our complex world, understanding our thoughts and feelings has become increasingly harder. With much of the language surrounding mental health embroiled with shame and fear, finding ways to express ourselves has become more complex and overwhelming for many children and young people. The impact of this is seen in the alarming statistics that surround their mental health and has called upon us all to play our part in making the ways we approach mental and emotional health, healthier for everyone.

The iSpace curriculums make it simple for teachers to support the emotional education of pupils whilst strengthening relationships and improving a school’s wellbeing culture and overall approach to health. The award winning curriculums are more than lesson plans, worksheets and evaluation markers; they are the opportunity for us to improve the way we approach mental health and develop mental resilience and emotional literacy whilst laying the foundation for a positive whole school culture approach to neuroeducation, positive psychology and emotional healthcare.

Although the iSpace curriculums offer a vast number of direct benefits to school aged children and young people, they also offer significant support, guidance and reassurance to teachers that have found themselves with new responsibilities and pressures in what they must teach and the environment in which they have to teach it.

Teacher workload is reduced as the lessons are ready to use and available to view online or print, ensuring teachers can focus on engaging and supporting students, doing what they do best, rather than researching and planning.

Our curriculums can be delivered through the PSHE timetable, and support the Governments 2020 Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education Requirements. 

Our curriculums have been externally reviewed against the PSHE and RSHE requirements for primary and secondary schools.  See below for the details which will be invaluable for school inspection purposes.

Designed by teachers, reviewed by teachers, our curriculums...

Our curriculums have been thoroughly tested by teachers against the current RSHE requirements. This means you don’t have to do that saving you time!  Click the button below for details.


Our pricing for curriculums is straight forward. MAT’s and small schools contact us for bespoke pricing options

  • Each curriculum costs either £1000 per year or £99 per month
  • One tool kit and Have you Ever had a Stressor Book (iSpace curriculum only and for the first year’s subscription)
  • Access to the relevant curriculum, scheme of work lesson plans and resources
  • Accredited online CPD teacher training
  • Membership to our Children’s/Young Persons Advisory Board – up to 2 pupils can represent your school at our UK wide forums to discuss issues that concern them
  • Access to the iSpace newsletter each term
  • 10% discount for any participants from your school on our open courses (parents/carers/staff using unique iSpace Wellbeing community code

Our Values:

Collaborative: We acknowledge and value the opinions and expertise of teachers, parents/carers, and other professionals that influence the lives of children and young people. What’s most important to us, is to work with children and young people through our Children’s and Young People’s Advisory Board.  Continuous learning will improve our efficacy and impact.

Knowledgeable: Our team including, NHS experts, has extensive expertise and industry experience. We use our knowledge rich team to make every aspect of our product simple, supportive and solutions focused.

Inquiring: We are driven by the latest research, technical advances and academic improvements in the areas of children’s and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. We test and analyse our products and services to ensure we are always doing our very best for the communities we serve.

Aspiring: We have big aspirations for the impact of our business on current and future generations. We are on a mission to improve and protect the mental and emotional wellbeing of over 50,000,000 children by 2030.

Agile: We continue to adapt and evolve to ensure that our products and services are reflective of people’s needs and are delivered in a way that is both supportive and empowering.