Book reviewWe were delighted to see “Have you ever had a Stressor?” reviewed by Lou Hegarty of Birds and Lilies as part of their Christmas Gift Guide for children.

Here are some fab highlights, and for the full review visit Birds and Lilies here.

“This is a lovely book for children, especially with the way everything is at the moment when they are even more likely than usual to have worries and concerns to deal with.”

“Our children’s mental health is something that is always so important, but right now especially, when their school lives have been so chaotic all year and they are hearing bits and pieces about Coronavirus and people dying, then it’s even more important that we help them in any way we can.”

Have You Ever Had a Stressor gives children a fun and engaging way to start gently thinking and talking about their feelings so that they recognise when they – and others – are struggling and can develop strategies that help them to deal with life’s ups and downs. But it’s also just a lovely story for them to read and enjoy, either alone or with parents.

Thanks so much Lou for your kind words. “Have you ever had a Stressor?” is available to buy here.

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