Frequently Asked Questions

For schools:

Which curriculum is right for my school?

Nursery, infant, junior or primary schools will need our iSpace curriculum for pupils aged 3 – 11 years old. If your school includes Year 7-8 as well as primary aged pupils. You will need both the iSpace curriculum and the #iWonder curriculum. Secondary schools only need the #iWonder curriculum.

Do I need to implement the whole curriculum?

We recommend that the whole curriculum is implemented to achieve a proactive, consistent, and impactful approach to wellbeing at your school. Implementing the whole curriculum will also help you to meet the governments statutory RSHE requirements. However, should your school already have a PSHE scheme of work in place our curriculum and resources can be easily embedded to support and enhance any pre-existing work. All users of our curriculums and resources are required to complete the CPD accredited teacher training programme unless they have attended face to face training.

How do I know the curriculum will meet our required standards?

Our award winning curriculums have been created by a team of experts, including, teachers, SENCos, sports coaches, psychologists, compliance officers, parents and children. We encourage and welcome feedback on our curriculums from all schools in the iSpace Wellbeing community, this ensures we are continually developing and progressing. We also encourage our users to participate in our research to ensure that everything we do is evidence-based. Find out more about how the curriculums meet statutory RSHE requirements here. Read our evidence reports here.

How does this work for children with SEND?

The iSpace Wellbeing curriculums are incredibly flexible and can be delivered in a lesson, in a small nurture group setting or as part of a one-to-one early support initiative. The curriculums are designed to be accessible for all and are packed with easy-to-use tools and life-skills. Contact us if you would like to discuss any specific needs.

How do I convince my Head Teacher/Senior Leadership Team?

Use our evidence reports, RSHE compliance document, White Paper, product guide, free samples, and the iSpace Story video to give them a better understanding of the curriculum and resources.  Our school testimonials are also helpful.   We are also more than happy to have a call with your Head to answer any questions that they may have.   Once you have onboarded our pupil wellbeing survey will enable you and your Senior Leadership to assess pupil wellbeing pre and post implementation. This data will enable your team to monitor impact, to provide evidence for inspection and to plan appropriate actions as part of a whole school approach to wellbeing.

Using the curriculums will also reduce the time teachers need to spend on preparing lessons and ensure consistency of teaching on subject matters that some teachers find challenging.

What evidence is there that it works?

iSpace Wellbeing is an award-winning product built on evidence-based neuroscience, positive-psychology and mindfulness. The curriculum resources have been approved by an NHS consultant and used to support over 500,000 children globally during children’s mental health week 2021. Research has shown that 96% of children using the curriculum resources during the pandemic felt that it helped them with their mental wellbeing. Feedback from schools has demonstrated improved learning and behaviour.

Find out more about our research here. Find out more about our testimonials here.

Do teachers need to do CPD training?

You are required to complete the CDP accredited online training unless you have attended face to face training delivered by iSpace Wellbeing. All teachers have a professional duty to participate in CPD to stay at the forefront of the latest research and continually improve their professional practice. iSpace training is CPD accredited and will help you fulfil your CPD obligations. The training has been designed so that it can be completed at your own pace and returned to for refresher purposes.  The training will help you understand the ‘science’ behind the curriculum and give you confidence in delivering the content in the classroom to ensure the best outcome for the pupils.

How can teachers be supported in the delivery of the curriculum and supporting resources?

Teachers will be empowered through the CPD accredited training and every lesson plan will provide them with supporting knowledge.  Further, bespoke training and support can be arranged.  Simply contact us to discuss how we can help: or call 01273 042858.

Can you put me in touch with schools already using the curriculum?
We are very aware of how much pressure on time there is in schools and don’t want to commit iSpace Community schools without their agreement. If this is something that would help with your decision, we will do our best to facilitate this for you.

How can iSpace Wellbeing help our staff’s wellbeing?
It has been reported that staff enjoy teaching and using our resources, they understand it is not therapy or treatment but empowering and enabling emotional education. Teacher feedback shows that the information, tools, and techniques used in the curriculums have helped them with their own mental fitness and resilience. We recommend that you join our Facebook teachers’ group for wellbeing support and ideas. Further training to support staff wellbeing is available on request – do contact us by email or call 01273 042858

Why are the curriculums no longer free?
Our curriculums were a paid for product for several years prior to 2020. The iSpace team decided to make the curriculum free during lockdown until schools returned in the autumn term 2021 to allow access to everyone regardless of the ability to pay. This was made possible due to the support of our investors during a time of crisis. Whist we are a purpose led company; our revenue is necessary so that we can continuously review and improve the products that we provide.
We are committed to keeping our curriculum costs accessible to as many schools as possible within the UK. We also work with charity partners to supplement fees in areas designated a priority for support.

What do I get when I sign up to the annual subscription?
Once we have received payment from your school, you receive full access to the curriculum. There are a range of benefits in joining the iSpace Wellbeing Community of schools. Our team are happy to talk you through the curriculum and other products and services that might be appropriate for your school.

How does the school pay?

There are a number of options:

With your support we can contact your school Business Manager/Bursar to set up the payment that best works for your school using either GoCardless or electronic bank transfer.


You can buy the curriculum and toolkit/book directly from our shop using credit/debit cards.

Do I need to buy the school bundle?

If you purchase the iSpace curriculum you will receive 5 toolkits and 5 books as part of that package.  We recommend that each school using the iSpace curriculum has access to the iSpace toolkit for use in the classroom, small group work  or for one-to-one work.  In our experience schools choose to buy toolkits based on their budget.  We have put together a school bundle of 10 toolkits and 5 books which represents great value for money.  Talk to us if you want to discuss options on how to implement the toolkit into your school.

CONTACT US by email or call 01273  042858

For parents/carers:

Do I need any training to use the toolkit with my child?

No, the manual gives you all the information you need to get you started. There is a QR code inside the manual directing you to toolkit instructions. Remember the tools are there to help you start conversations with your child about thoughts and feelings.  Once you have started using the tools, they will just become part of your family routines just like physical health matters such as brushing teeth! We recommend that you join our Facebook parents’ group support and ideas.

Do I need to let my child’s school know I am using the toolkit?

You can use the toolkit independently of the curriculum and your school. If your school is not an iSpace Wellbeing school and you are using the toolkit at home your child might start using some of the language in class so explaining it to their teacher might be helpful.  Using the language and tools in school and at home means that your child will practise more frequently, helping them to develop and embed the language, skills, and knowledge more quickly.  If you approach the school about using the curriculum, please direct them to the website where they can register to see the sample curriculum and watch the curriculum in action in schools.   We are always happy to chat to schools about the curriculums if they want to contact us.

It is highly recommended that parents of iSpace schools use the toolkit at home.

How do I help my child develop resilience?

We offer a range of remote training courses for parents who wish to support their children. Our 5-module online resilience course is ideal for parents of children aged 11 and above. This short course provides you with tools and techniques to help you support your child’s resilience.  You can purchase it directly via our shop or contact us at to discuss which programme will suit your needs best.