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Who is the founder of this initiative?

Paula Talman is the founder of iSpace Wellbeing. She is a mum, a registered nurse in both adult and paediatric nursing, a mental health first aider and mindfulness teacher.

Currently a Director of Compliance, Health and Welfare within the education sector, she has a wealth of experience in child development and mental health within both the hospital and educational settings. Paula has an MSc in Nursing Science and has completed a research study on attitudes towards adolescence with mental health issues. She has a passion for supporting children with their mental, physical and social development as they journey through life.

What age groups does it cover?

The programme has been piloted with children aged 4-11 years.

What format does the programme follow?

The Pre-Prep children (aged 4-7) learn through 12 themed iSpace ‘Start Stories’ which introduce the children to characters and various wellbeing concepts such as confidence and resilience. The ‘Start Stories’ include discussion points, attention training activities and worksheets. It is recommended that 4 ‘Start Stories’ are explored each term and form the foundation for learning and discussion throughout the term.

The Prep children (aged 7-11) explore the concept of wellbeing through a learning journey across a wellbeing galaxy of 10 themed planets. Each planet has lesson plans and slides targeted to specific age groups so that learning is progressive and continuous. Each lesson includes attention training activities and active learning. It is recommended that the iSpace wellbeing programme is integrated into the PSHE curriculum and runs on a fortnightly basis throughout the term.

The training tutorials support teacher’s implementation and delivery of the programme.

Access to the iSpace Wellbeing website is required to deliver the lessons in the classroom. This ensures that the teacher always has access to up-to-date teaching materials and that the programme is followed systematically.

How long are the lessons?

Stage 2 Lessons are based on 30 minute sessions.

Who should teach it?

We recommend that you create an iSpace wellbeing team within your school consisting of teachers who volunteer or who have an interest in teaching wellbeing education and mindfulness. Anyone wishing to use the iSpace resources or to teach the iSpace wellbeing programme must complete the online tutorial first.

What training do you need?

Each phase of the programme is supported by an online training tutorial in the members area of the iSpace Wellbeing website.

In house training seminars can be arranged. To find out more contact