It’s Children’s Mental Health, Not Their Education, That Is Really Suffering In Lockdown, According To UK Study, says Forbes Magazine.

Forbes MagazineThe Covid-19 pandemic is likely to exacerbate existing mental health problems among children, according to a new report.

And increased isolation caused by lockdowns risks causing long-term damage to the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of young people.

The warning comes after research found that one in six young people now have a probable mental illness, up from one in nine before the pandemic hit.

And it comes as a survey of parents put not seeing friends and socializing as their biggest concern for their children during lockdown, ahead of the impact on their child’s education.

All this underlines that for all the talk of children needing to “catch-up” on lost learning, it’s their mental health and not their education that is really suffering during lockdown.

iSpace Wellbeing founder Paula Talman spoke to Forbes Magazine about children’s mental health and wellbeing and our FREE curriculum that is available for all schools.

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