We were delighted when pioneering iSpace Wellbeing school, Copthorne Prep allowed us a sneak peek behind the scenes at their iSpace lessons.

This week, the class had been visiting the planet of “Relationships” and learning all about kindness and gratitude.

Kindness is defined as: “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” It has had much press over recent months and years as the rise in trolling and online bullying continues, with the hashtag #BeKind often trending.

Our curriculums teach that taking a little time out of our day to share some kindness and appreciate the relationships and friendships we have in our lives goes a long way to building relationships. We also strengthen our own resilience and self belief when we are kind and express gratitude in our lives, creating a positive healthy habit.

We especially loved the ones they have placed in the school corridor, placed by the door as people come in. It is great to see Copthorne Prep School school encouraging learning beyond the classroom, and integrating these valuable lessons into the culture of the whole school.

The pictures also show demonstrate how the children are developing their self awareness, with the recognition and understanding of the relationships around them by telling their friends how special they are.

Well done Copthorne Prep School, and thank you for sharing with us!





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