Parents and Carers

You are the most important people in your child’s life. You want the best for them and their happiness is your top priority. This is the moment you have been waiting for, a wellbeing curriculum for primary schools with a parent or carers package attached!
iSpace Wellbeing is delighted to welcome parents to this exciting innovative approach to starting a conversation with children about their mental health and wellbeing. iSpace values the importance of involving parents in their children’s wellbeing education.

Parents need to feel part of the school community and need to know what resources are in place to support their children. Parents need to feel empowered and need the knowledge and confidence to be able to help their children to develop into confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent young adults.
iSpace believes that parents and schools should be working together with children to promote positive attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing. This partnership can help children to live life well and to live life ready for whatever ups and downs that come their way.

The iSpace Toolkit, known as the ‘Launch package’ is offered to parents of member schools to ensure that parents are involved in their child’s wellbeing education. It ensures that everyone is talking the same language and encouraging children to speak openly about their mental health and wellbeing.

To support you the ‘Launch Package’ includes the iSpace Wellbeing Phase 1 online training tutorial. 

The Toolkit-Launch Package

Available to parents or carers of membership schools

  • A manual, map and cards offering a framework for how to start the conversation about mental health and wellbeing with children
  • iSpace Wellbeing Phase 1 online training tutorial and VR experience

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