The Wellbeing Curriculum

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Congratulations, you are here! The page where you can become a pioneering iSpace Wellbeing school at the touch of a button. This is an amazing opportunity for schools in the primary sector to lead the way in wellbeing education and to show their parents that they are putting the wellbeing of their children first.  As an iSpace pioneering school you will be giving your pupils the best opportunity to achieve their potential.

But there is more to iSpace Wellbeing, it’s not just a wellbeing curriculum. It also includes an invaluable, supporting toolkit, known as our ‘Launch package’ and consists of a manual, map and cards. This resource offers teachers and parents the knowledge, language and tools that they need to start the conversation about mental health and wellbeing with children. Engaging in The Wellbeing Curriculum not only provides support and education for your pupils, it provides support and knowledge for your staff and parents as well.

iSpace is committed to offering a charitable option to all pioneering schools. Purchase The Wellbeing Curriculum (Exploration package) and we will give you the option to sponsor and support a state school of your choice. Contact for more information. This charitable donation will continue throughout your time as a subscribed member school.


To support teachers The Wellbeing Curriculum (Exploration package) includes two online training tutorials. The iSpace Phase 1 Toolkit (Launch package) tutorial and the iSpace Phase 2 The Wellbeing Curriculum (Exploration package) tutorial.

The Wellbeing Curriculum – Exploration Package

  • Phase 2 is the iSpace Wellbeing Curriculum consisting of 2 stages 
  • Stage 1 for children aged 4-7
  • Stage 2 for children aged 7-11
  • Teaching includes: attention training techniques and active learning
  • Materials include: stories, worksheets, lesson plans and supporting slides
  • Online training tutorials for teachers
  • Available to schools
  • Option to sponsor a state school

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The Toolkit-Launch Package

  • 3x manual, map and cards offering a framework for how to start the conversation about mental health and wellbeing with children
  • iSpace Wellbeing Phase 1 online training tutorial and VR experience

Available Now