Children's Advisory Board

What are they?

The Boards set up by iSpace Wellbeing gives young people the opportunity to voice their opinions on issues that are important to them particularly regarding emotional resilience and mental wellbeing. They are held once a term via zoom.

In 2021 the Children’ s Advisory Board co-authored a White Paper ‘Inside our Heads’ – Bridging the Gap between what children want and what is provided.

The White Paper was sent to the Prime Minister, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge,  government ministers and other policy makers. As a result of this, Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education met iSpace Wellbeing’s founder Paula Talman and asked to join one of the Children’s Advisory Board meetings to speak to children directly about the White Paper.

On 5 October 2021, Munira joined a select group of children from the Children’s Advisory Board to listen to their ideas about how to manage wellbeing. A pupil from Brentfield Primary School shared her experience of delivering the White Paper to 10 Downing Street in September. This was a fantastic and once in a lifetime experience for that pupil and her teacher!

Who can attend?

All schools who are actively using the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums are automatically members of either

The Children’s Advisory Board – for schools using the iSpace curriculum, and normally children are Year 5 or 6.


The Young People’s Advisory Board– for schools using the #iWonder curriculum. We would suggest pupils should be a minimum of Year 8-9 to attend.

How does participating in the Board meetings help your pupils?

Firstly, it gives someone the chance to represent your school but also:

  • builds confidence and experience of speaking in public
  • provides experience of taking part in meetings including following meeting protocols
  • provides opportunities to meet pupils from a diverse background from around the UK
  • enables them to meet external speakers
  • provides extra curricula experience to support Further/ Higher Education applications and job/apprenticeship application processes

If you would like pupils from your school to be involved, please complete the contact form