Erin Turner, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for Now and Beyond Mental Health School Festival

“iSpace is a wonderful mental health resource for schools, needed now more than ever. The lesson plans are creative, fun and packed with helpful information and advice. I am very impressed with the quality!”

Dr Sonya Collier – Clinical Psychologist

“I think that iSpace is a fantastic concept. Having used the framework and toolkit with both of my children I have found it to be enjoyable and engaging and something I believe will be of great benefit to parents, teachers, healthcare professionals and children. The concept is beautifully designed and illustrated. This child friendly approach really captures the children’s attention and eases them into conversation about their wellbeing. I believe this toolkit will do as it suggests which is to prepare children to live life ready!”

Educational Psychologist

“iSpace Wellbeing is an accessible wellbeing curriculum that provides children with a comprehensive grounding in and understanding of what emotional wellbeing is and teaches the strategies and tools we can use to help us all stay well.”

Fergu Llewellyn, Headmaster, Cumnor House School Sussex

“Cumnor committed to piloting iSpace in 2016 meaning that iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder are now fully embedded within the fabric of our school and incorporated into the daily routine for all children from Nursery to Year 8.

The strength of the curriculum really came into its own during lockdown earlier this year and we have certainly seen our children demonstrate that they have the tools and language they need during these challenging times.

We are continually looking to support new innovations in wellbeing and delighted to be piloting the Wellbeing Compass app as part of #iWonder, further helping our Year 7 and 8 pupils understand their emotional, physical, social and mental health.”

Director of Studies Independent Prep-School

“As someone who knows, from personal experience, what mental health at the ‘sharp end’ can mean – iSpace Wellbeing WILL make such a difference to the health of our young people and the adults that they become. You should be very proud”


Mrs Nicola Harmer, Headteacher, Brentfield Primary School, London:

It provides the language of feelings so children are able to describe their emotions with greater ease. In addition it provides a  “toolkit”  of things that our children (and teachers!) can actively use when they find themselves struggling for whatever reason.The whole school is now using a common language to describe their emotions. Children are able to identify tools that can help them when they feel angry or overwhelmed”


Paul D Spencer Ellis, Chairman of the Education Committee at Great Ballard, previously Headmaster of Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate, and a School Inspector,

“I believe that without a programme like iSpace Wellbeing we would require the investment of substantial time and effort by our own teachers in preparing a coherent scheme of work covering all year groups at a time when they are already ensuring their own subject specific teaching as well as contributing to the busy life of the school.”


Christian Heinrich, Former Headmaster at Cumnor House School Trust

“The iSpace programme provides our staff with the perfect starting point, comprehensive background material and a security as to the clinical background and research behind that material. It provides an ability to aver to all parents that we not only say that the well being of every child is our key aim but that we have invested in what we believe to be the gold standard provider.”


Claire Pepler, Wellbeing Lead, Dulwich Prep Cranbrook, Nominated for Independent School of the Year 2020, category Wellbeing

“iSpace Wellbeing has strengthened that three-way link between children, teachers and parents – a link which is essential for the success of a wellbeing curriculum.”


Stefannie Wright – Deputy DSL, Great Ballard School

“iSpace Wellbeing has been an integral and successful part of our curriculum since it’s inception. We are proud to say that we use the friendly stories and accessible resources to educate and support our children through the first stages of their school journey.”


Charlie Lee – Director of Wellbeing at Copthorne Prep School

“A wonderful resource to use with children to help them make sense of an ever changing world”



“I completed a 6-week CBT course so I could support my child, but I learnt more skills and tools and feel more empowered following a 1-hour iSpace Wellbeing parent workshop”.



“As parents we were ready to seek outside support for our child but then iSpace Wellbeing was introduced at our school and our concerns disappeared”.


Year 4 Boy

“I think iSpace is fun and interesting and I can use it everyday”


Year 6 girl

“I practiced my breathing and it calmed me down a lot. iSpace is a fun way to feel happy!”


Year 6 girl

“It helps you get through your problems and talk about things you need help with. It helps you to find ways to be calm and deal with your worries. It helps you to achieve and believe in yourself”.


Year 5 boy

“I like iSpace because there are lots of different planets that you can go to and learn about how to care for yourself”


Year 9 girl

“I did iSpace and #iWonder lessons when I was at Prep School, everything I learned really helped me to cope with starting my new school. I was also able to use the tools to help other people at my new school who did not have the lessons at their Prep School. iSpace and #iWonder have really helped me to be a more confident, persistent and resilient person.”