Paul Talman

Paula Talman

Hi, I am Paula Talman, founder of iSpace Wellbeing; the mental health and wellbeing curriculum for schools.

I’m a registered nurse in both adult and paediatric nursing, a mental health first aider, children’s author and mindfulness teacher.

I’m also a Director of Compliance, Health and Welfare within the education sector, and have a wealth of experience in child development and mental health in both the hospital and educational settings. I have an MSc in Nursing Science and have completed a research study on attitudes towards adolescence with mental health issues. My passion lies in supporting children with their mental, physical and social development as they journey through life, helping them live life well.

Nick Bushrod

Hi, I’m Nick Bushrod, iSpace Wellbeing’s Chief Executive.

Previous to iSpace I was Chief of Staff at GSA Capital where I spent nearly 20 years helping build an award winning global hedge fund business. It is now time to turn my attention to the education of children on mental health and well-being by helping Paula and the team build a innovative, dynamic and sustainable company delivering social good around the globe.

Having been one of the many who have had to keep their mental health issues a secret most of their life,  I am determined to remove the stigma associated with it and make talking about our feelings part of the fabric of everyday conversation.