iSpace Annual Subscription (Single Payment)

iSpace Annual Subscription (Single Payment)


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The start stories (for children aged 3-7) will be used as a teaching lesson and an active teaching tool for teachers to explore topics including ‘who am I’ and ‘who can I be’, sharing and friendship, anti-bullying, physical and emotional health, the environment and diversity in our community.
The start stories introduce the children to iSpace characters such as Dunican and Niam (introducing the phrases “I can” and “I am”), who live in a Wellbeing Galaxy on the Planet Wellbeing and who learn about their own and other’s thoughts, behaviour and feelings.
As the curriculum progresses, for children aged 7-11, the iSpace characters grow and ‘travel’ across the Wellbeing Galaxy consisting of 10 wellbeing themed planets. Throughout their adventures they will be collecting ‘backpack’ tools and other resources to support their development of healthy relationships, character, emotional intelligence, resilience, life-skills and wellbeing.
Each lesson for the children, teaches them wellbeing tools, techniques and who and how to ask for help. Attention training activities and active learning are further built upon during this stage.
Conversations are supported by the iSpace Wellbeing toolkit which includes galaxy map, manual and card deck.

The iSpace curriculum consists of a comprehensive scheme of work, supporting you in meeting your PSHE and RSHE requirements including:

– Over 100 lesson plans and slides with supporting work sheets and activities

– Attention training activities and self-regulation tools

This curriculum currently includes Year 5 and 6 materials which will feature in our new iConnect curriculum which is being specifically designed for this age group.


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