Fast and Effective Onboarding and Implementation

iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder are exciting new universal wellbeing educational curriculums for children age 4-13+ that can be delivered through the PSHE timetable.

Our curriculums offer a comprehensive, child-friendly approach to wellbeing education. It provides schools with a structured, continuous and progressive wellbeing curriculum, minimising teacher workload and maximising impact. It addresses all aspects of the child’s wellbeing and includes a manual and toolkit on how to encourage children to talk about their mental health and wellbeing.

  • Full training tutorials for teachers and staff available in person or delivered online
  • Curriculum materials include stories, worksheets, complete lesson plans for all years and supporting slides
  • Learning tools include easy to use manual, galaxy map and card deck
  • Teaching techniques include attention training and active learning
  • Available to all schools

Our curriculums also support schools in achieving the Government’s new for 2020 Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education Requirements.

Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Compliance Document

Relationship Education

Pupils should know:

Do iSpace programmes meet the requirements?

Where is this covered in the programme?

Families and people who care for me

That families are important for the children growing up because they can give love, security and stability

Planet Relationships – Lesson 1

The characteristics of a healthy family life, commitment to each other, including in times of difficulty, protection and care for children and other family members, the importance of spending time together and sharing each other’s lives

Planet Relationships- Lesson 1 ,4

That other’s families, either in school or in the wider world, sometimes look different from their family, but that they should respect those differences and know that other children’s families are also characterised by love and care

Story – Same but different

Planet Diversity-Lesson 3,4,6

This work has been independently reviewed to help you in achieving compliance for your school.