We appreciate how important other professionals are in supporting children and young people with their mental resilience and emotional wellness.

At iSpace Wellbeing we understand that encouraging vulnerable children and young people to talk about their thoughts and emotions whilst trying to create an environment where they feel safe, relaxed and empowered can often be a challenge.

Harnessing a proactive approach in a variety of settings where the health and wellness of children and young people may have been compromised is important. The iSpace toolkit and resources can help you facilitate meaningful conversations with children and young people.

SEN and Pastoral Care: The iSpace Wellbeing curriculums can be worked through in individual settings with, in some circumstances one-to-one support. Each lesson provides a framework for conversation, clear objectives for learning and activities for identifying and measuring mental resilience and emotional needs.

Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions: In both PRUs and APs, the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums provide a perfect opportunity for structured group work that develops emotional insight, understanding and management.

Local Authorities: When adopted by local authorities, the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums and tools can be utilised by all children living and learning within an identified area. They can access the curriculum and the associated tools through a variety of touchpoints including their teachers or other professionals that may be working with the child or young person. For example, doctor or GP , social workers or other support staff.

Other Settings: iSpace can be use to give structure and activity ideas in a variety of healthcare settings and support environments. Whether you are a key worker, a social worker, a counsellor or a foster parent, iSpace has the flexibility to support and empower you to provide an emotional education to those children most in need.

iSpace Toolkit

Suitable for children aged 3 – 8

Our toolkits are an invaluable resource, providing you with a child-friendly galaxy map, manual and card deck for ‘starting the conversation with children about mental resilience and wellbeing’.

The toolkit helps to engage children in conversation quickly and creates a relaxed and encouraging environment to explore challenges and find helpful solutions, the books offer a fun, friendly way to start conversations and aid emotional literacy and resilience.

“Have you ever had a Stressor” book

Suitable for children aged 3 – 8

‘Have you ever had a Stressor?’ is the first book in the iSpace Wellbeing collection.

Designed to help children learn to talk about their thoughts, feelings and worries; it gently teaches them tools and strategies to manage their emotional wellbeing, including who and how to ask for help.