We believe that mental health and wellbeing conversations should be part of the fabric of everyday school life.

We put the emotional health of children and young people at the heart of every educational setting with our whole school approaches and one to one resources

Using iSpace Wellbeing allows teachers to know they are using the “gold standard” in evidence-based approaches to mental health and wellbeing, whilst enabling them to focus on what they do best: supporting children to learn, progress and flourish.

The PSHE timetable was the natural birthplace of the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums; to be delivered as part of structured and continuous learning throughout the school year. The iSpace Wellbeing curriculums reduce teacher workload, maximise pupil impact and fulfil the government requirements for the delivery of an RSHE curriculum. The use of the curriculums delivers an emotional education to children and young people whilst supporting and improving the mental wellbeing of teaching staff. The implementation of the iSpace Wellbeing curriculums also improve parent/carer engagement and confidence in the school’s ability to understand and support the emotional wellbeing of their children.

Discover which curriculum is right for your school below…


Ages 3 – 11

The start stories (for children aged 3-7) will be used as a teaching lesson and an active teaching tool for teachers to explore topics including ‘who am I’ and ‘who can I be’, sharing and friendship, anti-bullying, physical and emotional health, the environment and diversity in our community.
The start stories introduce the children to iSpace characters such as Dunican and Niam (introducing the phrases “I can” and “I am”), who live in a Wellbeing Galaxy on the Planet Wellbeing and who learn about their own and other’s thoughts, behaviours and feelings.
As the curriculum progresses, for children aged 7-11, the iSpace characters grow and ‘travel’ across the Wellbeing Galaxy consisting of 10 wellbeing themed planets. Throughout their adventures they will be collecting ‘backpack’ tools and other resources to support their development of healthy relationships, character, emotional intelligence, resilience, life-skills and wellbeing.
Each lesson for the children, teaches them wellbeing tools, techniques and who and how to ask for help. Attention training activities and active learning are further built upon during this stage.
Conversations are supported by the iSpace Wellbeing toolkit which includes galaxy map, manual and card deck.

The iSpace curriculum consists of a comprehensive scheme of work, supporting you in meeting your PSHE and RSHE requirements including:

  • Over 100 lesson plans and slides with supporting worksheets and activities
  • Attention training activities and self-regulation tools

This curriculum currently includes Year 5 and 6 materials which will feature in our new iConnect curriculum which is being specifically designed for this age group.


Ages 9 – 11

iConnect is now available with a new unique theme for Year 5 and Year 6.

Currently materials for both these year groups are included in the iSpace curriculum.

Like the iSpace and #iWonder curriculums, the new iConnect curriculum will feature a comprehensive scheme of work to meet your PSHE and RSHE requirements.


Ages 11 – 16

The #iWonder curriculum focuses on advanced life-skills for managing thoughts, emotions and behaviour, understanding risk in a digital world, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making, relating to their mental, social, physical, sexual and emotional health.

The #iWonder curriculum aims to help older pupils navigate their way through life’s ups and downs, learn from failure and build character and resilience.
The #iWonder curriculum consists of a comprehensive scheme of work, supporting you in meeting your PSHE and RSHE requirements including:

  • Over 54 lesson plans and slides with supporting worksheets and activities
  • Attention training activities and self-regulation tools
  • Wellbeing compass self-assessment tool
  • A relevant approach with older characters, life skills, tools, and more topical themes for this age group.

Conversations are supported with the Compass tool allowing young people and teachers to check in pre and post lesson on the pupil’s wellbeing. This tool helps build resilience and demonstrates learning.

Fast and Effective Onboarding and Implementation

iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder are exciting new universal wellbeing educational curriculums for children aged 3-16 that can be delivered through the PSHE timetable.

Our curriculums offer a comprehensive, child-friendly approach to wellbeing education. They provide schools with a structured, continuous and progressive emotional wellbeing education, reducing teacher workload and maximising impact. It addresses all aspects of the child’s wellbeing and includes a manual and toolkit on how to encourage children to talk about their thoughts, feelings and overall wellbeing.

  • Full CPD accredited training tutorials for teachers and staff available in person or delivered online
  • Curriculum materials include stories, worksheets, complete lesson plans for all years and supporting slides
  • Learning tools include easy to use manual, galaxy map and card deck
  • Teaching techniques include attention training and active learning
  • Available to all educational establishments such as youth groups etc

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The curriculums are continually evolving, and additional lesson plans and updates are added regularly.

iSpace member schools have access to bespoke workshops for parents to enable them to build on what their child is learning in school at home.