Paula Talman“Life is full of change and challenge, some expected and some not, some welcomed and some not, but what is inevitable is that choices must be made.

My life has been full of forks in the road and that I believe is what has made it all the more exciting.”

For me, the seed of determination and resilience was planted way back when I was at primary school, a little school that sat snug in a picturesque Irish fishing village on the east coast of Ireland, way back in the day of leg warmers and roller skates.

Outside of school life was wonderful, endless weekends on a flat sandy beach searching for crabs and starfish in the rock pools, roller skating up and down quiet village roads, foam earphones on, and my yellow Walkman securely clipped on my belt. However, school life was a different story as it had the frequent tendency to trigger my survival response of which flight and freeze were my default. I had lots of friends and I was a very strong athlete who was regularly celebrated, so what could be the problem?

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By Paula Talman, Founder | iSpace Wellbeing

Written for Thrive Global.

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