The iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder Curriculums offer an exciting whole school approach to mental fitness and wellbeing. Our curriculums provide an age appropriate framework including who and how to ask for help, and a common language, which encourage conversations about mental, emotional, social and physical wellness to become part of everyday school and home life.

The curriculums provide a proactive, progressive and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing; supporting schools in achieving the Government’s  2020 Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education requirements.

iSpace Wellbeing is a holistic approach to wellbeing education. It ensures mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing are addressed in a curriculum schools can embrace with complete confidence as part of PSHE and RSHE

Our Philosophy is that the iSpace Wellbeing Curriculums...

Designed by teachers for children of all ages...


EYFS and Primary
Emotional literacy & resilience toolkit
Wellbeing measurement tool
For ages 3-11


Primary Year 5 & 6
Emotional literacy & resilience toolkit
Wellbeing measurement tool
For ages 9-11


Secondary School
Emotional literacy & resilience
Self-assessment tool
For ages 11-16

The iSpace Story - iSpace Wellbeing

Why use iSpace Wellbeing for your school?

Support teacher &
pupil wellbeing

Utilise our award-winning mental health and wellbeing curriculum to raise levels of emotional literacy and mental resilience throughout your school community.


Meet PSHE &
RSHE requirements

Make compliance with PSHE & RSHE requirements simple for your staff with easy to access lesson plans, resources and reporting solutions.

Fulfil Pastoral &
Safeguarding duties

Make systematic identification of vulnerable and at-risk children and young people earlier and easier.

Evidence quality
teaching & pupil care

Demonstrate measurable improvements in emotional literacy and mental resilience whilst shifting your whole school culture to one of proactive management of pupil wellbeing.

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Hear what people are saying

“What I saw the children learning in their iSpace lessons at Cumnor House Sussex gives me hope for a better future”.

Geoff McDonald founder of minds@work

“What Cumnor House is doing through the iSpace and #iWonder Curriculum is amazing. I would like to think that iSpace could have helped me. The iSpace lesson that I saw today on resilience certainly had things I would have found helpful and could have helped me bounce back”.

Hope Virgo, Mental Health Campaigner

“You are doing pioneering and very important work”.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham

“A wonderful resource to use with children to help them make sense of an ever changing world”

Charlie Lee, Director of Wellbeing at Copthorne Prep School

“iSpace Wellbeing has strengthened that three-way link between children, teachers and parents – a link which is essential for the success of a wellbeing curriculum.”

Claire Pepler, Wellbeing Lead, Dulwich Prep Cranbrook

“I think that iSpace is a fantastic concept. Having used the framework and toolkit with both of my children I have found it to be enjoyable and engaging and something I believe will be of great benefit to parents, teachers, healthcare professionals and children. The concept is beautifully designed and illustrated. This child friendly approach really captures the children’s attention and eases them into conversation about their wellbeing. I believe this toolkit will do as it suggests which is to prepare children to live life ready!”

Dr Sonya Collier, Clinical Psychologist

“The iSpace programme provides our staff with the perfect starting point, comprehensive background material and a security as to the clinical background and research behind that material. It provides an ability to aver to all parents that we not only say that the well being of every child is our key aim but that we have invested in what we believe to be the gold standard provider.”

Christian Heinrich, Former Headmaster at Cumnor House School Trust

“I believe that without a programme like iSpace Wellbeing we would require the investment of substantial time and effort by our own teachers in preparing a coherent scheme of work covering all year groups at a time when they are already ensuring their own subject specific teaching as well as contributing to the busy life of the school.”

Paul D Spencer Ellis, Chairman of the Education Committee at Great Ballard

It provides the language of feelings so children are able to describe their emotions with greater ease. In addition it provides a  “toolkit”  of things that our children (and teachers!) can actively use when they find themselves struggling for whatever reason.”

“The whole school is now using a common language to describe their emotions. Children are able to identify tools that can help them when they feel angry or overwhelmed”

Mrs Nicola Harmer, Headteacher, Brentfield Primary School

“Cumnor committed to piloting iSpace in 2016 meaning that iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder are now fully embedded within the fabric of our school and incorporated into the daily routine for all children from Nursery to Year 8. The strength of the curriculum really came into its own during lockdown earlier this year and we have certainly seen our children demonstrate that they have the tools and language they need during these challenging times. We are continually looking to support new innovations in wellbeing and delighted to be piloting the Wellbeing Compass app as part of #iWonder, further helping our Year 7 and 8 pupils understand their emotional, physical, social and mental health.”

Fergus Llewellyn, Headmaster, Cumnor House Sussex

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